The composite deck produced from galvanized and painted galvanized  is profiled in  58/915 mm. It is produced from a coil of  1200 mm width with 3 ribs.

The trapezoidal sheets are designed for using composite floor deck. The 58/915 deck provides composite union between steel and concrete. First the deck performs as a slab, following concrete dry, 58/915 deck behaves as a composite together with the steel frame of the building. Due to its efficient shape, the 58/915 deck requires less concrete than other decks compared to any given thickness. Savings in concrete volume about 30% lowers the vertical and horizontal weight on the building. In addition, the embossments on the composite sheet help to increase connection between the steel and concrete.


The trapezoidal sheets differ during slab and composite process. During slab process, because of its weight on the slab, the composite deck is exposed to contortion and cut off effects. During composite process, the deck forms the tension component of composite section. Rarely in some situations, it can resist the pressure and tension together with the concrete.


The form of composite sheet is inspected in detail, and for each thickness the characteristic of section is obtained. The calculation is referred to Euro code 4 “Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures”. It is assumed that the slide between steel and concrete is prevented during composite working.