This group of products is defined according to its minimum yield strength values. These grades can be used for practically all general applications in the construction sector. They are especially preferred for their high strength, good formability, and wedability properties.


Technical Qualities

Mechanical properties are defined according to the EN 10346.


Mechanical Properties







Surface Finish

For this group, available finishes as defined by their roughness measured in Ra are:

• As coated: 0.40<Ra≤1.30 μm

• Semi bright: Ra≤0.90 μm

• Normal: 0.60<Ra≤1.90 μm

Unless otherwise specified upon ordering, the sheet is delivered with a coated finish.

More specific finishes are also available upon request.


Surface Protection

Hot dip galvanized steel can be produced and delivered with surface protection either by oiling or by chemical passivation, or by both methods..

Oiling treatment reduces the risk of further corroison.

Chemical passivation protects the surface of galvanized steel against humidity and reduces the risk of white rust formation. Local discoloring resulting from this treatment is possible.



Flatness guarantee can only provided for material delivered in cut lengths, in which case two classes of flatness (normal or reduced) can be produced, as per standard EN 10143.

Tolerance Class Nominal Width Nominal Thickness



All tolerances are given in milimeters.