Galvanized flat steel is manufactured by zinc-coating both sides of cold rolled metal by hot-dipping process..

Galvanized products manufactured with this coating, which aims to prevent corrosion on material exposed to atmospheric ambience and to extend its life span, are an important input, particularly for the automotive industry and for sectors producing products for exterior surfaces.

Galvanized steels are passivitated by chromating and/or oiling and thus the zinc on the surface preserves the coating against corrosion. The steels appropriate for drawing and structural steels are described according to the EN10346 standards. Drawing Steels, because of their high corrosion protection capacity and surface quality, are recommended for general indoor/outdoor applications whenever a risk of corrosion exists. 

Structural Steels can be used for practically all general applications in the construction sector. They are especially preferred for their high strength, good formability, and wedability properties.